My Sincere Gratitude for being able to retire at 51.

It’s Saturday and today is a special day for the business I am involved in. This business has changed my life, or should I rather say turned my life around in seven months. Since starting in April 2019, I have never looked back.

What is so special about a Saturday? It is the end of the week and the day we receive our profit sharing bonuses. These bonuses come directly from 20% of the profits from the week of trading and are divided among the people who have qualified for these bonuses.

Why am I so grateful that I found this opportunity? Firstly it is a real opportunity which means I can choose the way I work with the business – I can either just be a straight forward investor or I can structure my investment so that I get the best leverage. Secondly I joined the affiliate program and introduced some of my friends to the business, which earned me a referral bonus.

It is the only business that I have found that offers real passive income and a true residual bonus. These sound similar but in fact they are different, let me explain:

Passive Income: This is the income you make from your own assets, it requires no effort on your part and you receive the income daily, weekly or monthly.

Residual Income or Bonus: This is the ongoing income you receive because of some effort you have previously done to build up an affiliate business which can give you the recurring income. Usually this is not as easy as it sounds as you are usually required to motivate people to continue using a product or service.

Fortunately because it is an investment business, money is a good motivator and very little is ever needed in the way of motivating people, as they are receiving daily profits.

As you have probably realised this business has a solid plan, real profits and is professionally controlled by Johann Steynberg the CEO and Founder of Mirror Trading International for whom I express my sincere gratitude. Without Johann’s vision for this business my life could never have changed.

The reality is through this business I am in a position where I can retire, and I have time and the freedom to do the things I want to do when I desire to do them.

This can be your reality too…

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