Why I love Mirror Trading International #ILoveMTI

I am Clive and I joined MTI thanks to my cousin Bianca. When I tell my friends about Mirror Trading International they tell me it’s complicated. Let me tell you it is not so complicated and I have understood how it works after a week or so in the company.

MTI grows your Bitcoin – okay I know Bitcoin seems complicated but it is really quite simple, it is a digital currency just like when you do online banking. One Bitcoin today is worth R115000 ($7340), but you can even buy R10 worth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will go up in value over time, some people even say Bitcoin will be worth over R500000 ($34000) by 2021.

Okay take my example, I started with R3000 ($200) which was about 0,0222 Bitcoin and today after 2 months I have 0.02777 Bitcoin and in 6 months I will have about 0,0429 Bitcoin. So in 6 months the number of Bitcoin I have would have doubled.

If I look at how much Bitcoin I will have in 12 months, I could easily have 0.1 Bitcoin and imagine if the price of Bitcoin is R500000 ($34000) then I would have R50000 ($3400). Where else could I get a return like what I am getting from MTI? Even if the price of Bitcoin stays where it is today then I will still have R11500 ($730). In my opinion that is much better than I could have done anywhere else.

Okay I know many people need much more money than that, well then you need to start investing in Mirror Trading International with a bigger amount. My uncle put in R300000 and he earns about R35000 per month from MTI.

But if you are like me you don’t have that much money, but you can also tell your friends and family, just like Bianca (my cousin) told me and I told my uncle. Now my team is growing and some of my uncle’s friends have also joined. I earned some commission and I was able to pay some of my debts.

In MTI they have a weekly Binary Bonus and with the help of Rich Simmonds I was able to learn about the binary and qualify for these extra bonuses. So far I have made nice extra money for Christmas and I have been able to save for the school fees and books for the kids in January. MTI is changing my life, it can change your life too, if you let it.

Thanks Bianca, Mr. Rich and my team for working with me to make a dream come true.


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